About Us

Ark Director

Kalvin Lysholm


John Van Spronsen

Board Chairman

Tim Love


Tom Van Spronsen

Board Members

Steve Bassett, Frank Dyck, Joel Sherman


The Ark Christian Youth Centre is made up of over 30 volunteer staff who have a heart for God and kids. From commissioners to coaches, drop-in staff to concession workers, skate club volunteers to carpenters and everything in between, over 200 volunteer hours are graciously worked every month.
Our volunteer staff is made up of committed individuals who are dedicated to providing a safe atmosphere that is appealing to all youth, regardless of race, religion, athletic ability or popularity.

The Ark staff strive to be good role models and to provide youth with a positive environment in which they can build their self-esteem and learn important life skills.

If you are interested in joining our team please call our Director, Troy at (250) 782-4391 or email youthdirector@thearkcyc.com.


  • Operates under The Dawson Creek Youth Centre Society & is a non-profit organization
  • The Ark began in 1989 and has been in operation for 29 years
  • Our mandate is to create an exciting environment and to provide a positive, affordable alternative where all kids are valued and can participate.
  • The target age range is between six and eighteen years
  • Currently an average of 200 kids come to The Ark from the community on any given week September through April. Our summer programs are bringing in 20 – 40 youth and young people (ages 12-30).
  • All youth are encouraged to come and are valued as individuals.
  • Presently we offer ball-hockey programs, skateboarding, BMX biking, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments (summer), Friday Drop-in w/ PS2 & Wii video game systems, billiards, etc.
  • The Ark has over 30 volunteer coaches, referees, youth workers, concession staff and board members.
  • Volunteers put in over 200 hours per month during the Fall/Winter programs.
  • Paid staff include a part time administrator, a part time janitor and a full time youth director.
  • The Ark’s financial support:
    -25% of the revenue comes from leagues, drop-in and concession revenues
    -60% comes from private donations from over 100 individuals as well as businesses and corporations
    -the remaining portion comes from fundraising activities, service clubs, churches and associations
  • Each year The Ark hosts a fundraising banquet. Each banquet hosts a special guest speaker featured from Sports figures to youth workers. The purpose of the banquet is to inform our supporters of what’s going on at The Ark as well as to offer our thanks and raise funds.
  • Currently, The Ark does not receive any financial assistance from any level of government.
  • The Ark has received national attention in which people from across the country are requesting information on how to start an Ark in their community.