Family Drop In

Family Drop In


Spending time as a family is one of the most valuable things that can happen. While there is great importance there are very little places that offer this opportunity. This is the idea for the Family Drop In program is that we will open the building for families to come up and hangout with other families and their own. A place where the parents can play some gym games with their kids or watch them hit the ramps.


The idea of this program is that it will be more laid back and go with the flow. If there is interest in starting some gym games great lets do it. If people

just want to shoot around great lets do that. There is no agenda just people coming up and enjoying the building and each others company! Also the concession will be open to provide some tasty snacks and drinks for purchase.

More Details

This program will run on these following dates: September 22, October 13, November 10, November24, and December 15 from 6:30-9:00. The cost will be by donation. Please note that The Ark will have limited volunteers during this program so parents will still be responsible for their children.