Friday Night Drop-In (Grades 7-12)

Friday Night Drop In

Friday Night Drop-In is happening every Friday starting first Friday of October and runs till last Friday in May. There is no Drop in on holidays and during school  Christmas and Spring Breaks

First Drop In for fall 2017 is Friday September 14, 2018.

Cost $5 for grades 7-12 from 700pm-930pm. Come enjoy all we have to offer like…. skate/bike/scoot/foosball/pool/ball hockey/basketball/concession or just hang out.

There will be half the gym area dedicated for bike.boards.scooters to use and the other half for ball hockey, basketball or any other games. The lobby area will be available for hanging out, the concession is open to buy snacks and drinks, the pool table and foosball table are available for use. If you would like to play xbox or wii please talk to our volunteer staff, we would even be happy to put on the big screen any game that is on TV. Bring your friends hang out, run around and have some fun. See you here.

Please note you are required to sign in at concession and wear a helmet if you are skate, bike, or boarding.