Tuesday Drop-In Skate, BMX, & Scooter (age 7+)

AT THIS POINT THERE IS NO TUESDAY NIGHT DROP IN RUNNING. Sorry we are unable to offer this program at this time.

These sessions are dedicated for riders, the lobby area is also available. If you are looking for gym activities such as basketball or ball hockey please refer to our Friday night Drop-in

Cost $5, for ages 7+.

***Helmets required to all person riding***

There will be no Drop In over School Breaks.

Drop-In will have ramps available for bikes/scooters and skate boarders to use. Several ramps, a rail and flat box are set out for use.

Drop In will be held the sametime as Bantam Ball hockey, half the gym area will be available for use till 900pm when ball hockey ends, after the full gym area will be available.