Ball Court & Ice Rink

The Ark Christian Youth Centre maintains and operates both an outdoor ice rink and basketball court at our facility. We are happy to be able to provide these recreational spaces available for the community to use free of charge. Users are asked to not play after 10:00 pm. We also ask that users complete our release of liability form prior to the usage of our property.

Basketball Court

Please feel free to come up to The Ark and enjoy our outdoor basketball court and play a game of hoops with friends. Our court is located next to our building and has 6 backboards allowing the space to be used for multiple games at once. The court is available for public use from late spring until the snow flies. Players are asked to respect the residents of the surrounding areas.

Outdoor Ice Rink

The Ark’s outdoor ice rink is maintained by our volunteers. The season begins when weather conditions permit, usually from mid-December until mid-February. The condition of the rink is changeable due to weather conditions. Please remember to wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment (helmets recommended). Users are free to enjoy this ice at their own risk and adult supervision is strongly recommended. The rink is also available for ball hockey or other sports during the spring, summer, and fall months.