Kids Cafe

Kids Cafe

At The Ark,

We believe in a good cup of coffee and tea.
When you come into the door you are met by the smell of roasted ground beans.
A fresh brew just for you.

Kid’s Cafe is a place we come together. Where we can have adult conversations and kids keep company with little people their size.

As you make your way into the gym- it’s bustling with activity. There is this sense of liveliness, motion and vital energy. Kids are at play.

We also believe in rest. For you. This can be your ‘in between’ of a busy day.
As much as it is a place full of life, it is also a space for refreshing quiet.

Here, each person belongs.

During the winter and colder months parents of young kids often are looking for places to take their kids, this is that place. Every Friday starting TBA. The Ark will be open from 9:00 am-12:00 pm. This program will run be by your donation. We will occasionally have a bouncy castle set up, floor mats and different objects for kids to play with. For parents we will have snacks and coffee available. A sitting area for parents to visit while supervising their child(ren) will be made available in the gym.

Come enjoy a place for your where your child can run and laugh with other kids, enjoy an active environment during the long winter months. You can enjoy company with friends or make a few new friends with parents.


Kids Cafe — 1 Comment

  1. What a GREAT idea!
    Young families will have an opportunity to share time
    and spend energy in THE perfect space.