Capital Projects

With The Ark growing and expanding we require funding for larger projects which are above and beyond our regular budget. These are projects to improve our programs and offer the youth a better experience at The Ark. These help us grow into new areas or improve on programs we already offer.

Listed below is the wish list for capital projects which we feel would make an improvement to our facility and quality of programs.

Ceiling fans in Gym area

The Ark gym area is a large area with a high ceiling, during the winter months physics causes hot air to rise and sit at the top of the gym area while the playing surface is rather cool. This causes or offices and top floor to reach tropic temperatures and our heaters to turn on more then is necessary during the winter and raising our operating costs.

Another benefit to this is during the summer months the steel building and gym area can retain a lot of hot air and heat from the warm and sometimes hot summer air. Having ceiling fans to circulate and flush out the hotter hair would help keep youth cooler and playing longer.

Enclose Outdoor Court

We just built an outdoor court which is open the public and allows us to offer programs during the summer months. This is a huge asset to our ministry and the only outdoor court in Dawson Creek for the public to use. In saying this, the summer months are short being able to offer the court all year-round would be great. We could offer programs all year and drop in for everyone to come and use the court. This would open up a lot of program space and allow our programs to grow bigger and impact more youth.

Front Entry Improvement

So many times we hear people enter The Ark for the first time mention how surprised they were when the walked into it for the first time. How they weren’t expecting it to be so nice inside. As a parent dropping your child off for the first time can be a bit intimidating as from the outside we look more like a warehouse than a youth centre. Improvements would make the front entry more inviting.