35th Anniversary Celebration Ball Hockey Tournament

Tournament Info & Full Tournament Rules

When is the tournament? June 8, 2024. The tournament runs RAIN OR SHINE, so please ensure the kids have appropriate wear for the day.

When is the entry deadline? Please be registered by June 1!  This gives us time to better organize.

How much is it? Each team registered is $280 for a seven member (Two lines + Goalie) team OR $40 per player who registers as an individual.

What does a team get for the registration? A minimum of 3 games per team. Each game is three 10 minutes periods. With a chance at winning the Ark Cup!

Is there a limit on number of teams? The tourney is a little flexible as we will determine the best schedule we can for each division based on the amount of teams registered. That said, register early to ensure you have your place in the tourney!

Are there divisions to play in? Yes, we will be dividing all of the teams registered into their respective age divisions (10-13 & 14-18). With the various ages, this may result in larger divisions than others but all teams are guaranteed at least 3 games.

Where is the tournament being held? It will be played at the Ark Christian Youth Centre, 219 RD Dawson Creek, BC.

Who can register? Anyone between the ages of 10 and 18 on teams as per the similar hockey levels (Ages 10-13 & ages 14-18) can register a team as the team captain. Don’t worry if you don’t have your entire team together, you can also register individually and be placed on a team or even register a half team that can be added to.

How many players per team? 7 players is the recommended number of players including a goalie who will play in full goalie gear. Players are required to wear hockey helmets and gloves.

Do teams have jerseys or dress up? You bet they do! Have fun with it and we look forward to seeing what you’ve got!

In it to win it? Of course everyone wants to win, but we really want everyone to have a good time and lots of fun. Respect for opponents, officials are absolutely expected. Play hard but most importantly….HAVE FUN!!

Reminder for 18+ parents, friends and fans – there is no alcohol permitted on site.


3 on 3 with goalie (GOALIE IN FULL GOALIE GEAR)

Change on fly

Helmets and gloves mandatory

Face off after goal

When a ball goes out of play, play resumes with opposing team getting possession at point of exit. Defending team will give 5 feet for game to resume.

Must give 6 feet and 3 seconds of safety behind the net when goalie covers ball (ref will yell)

All minor penalties are a penalty shot (taken immediately after penalty)

All majors…flagrant intent to injure or fighting is a penalty shot and ejection from tournament

Any abuse or disrespect of officials will not be tolerated and will result in a tournament ejection

Players who have scored a hat trick (3 goals) can not score again unless their team is loosing.

If the score differential is 6 or more the losing team gets to add a player, if the score differential is 10 or more the losing team gets to add 2 players. If score reduces to less than 10 or 6 added players are removed.

Ref scoresheet is final

Both captains sign final scoresheet and winning captain brings it to score table

Only registered players allowed on playing surface

Ties are broken with a sudden death shootout. No player can shoot twice until all players have shot.

No Zoro sticks (sticks with baskets) allowed.

Tournament organizers reserve the right to remove any unruly fans/players from the tournament