Kids Café

Every Monday 3-5 pm

A place for kids to “be”

Looking for a welcoming & safe place for your kids to unwind after school? Oh, and FUN??? Look no further. At Kid’s Cafe, kids ages 8-12 are welcomed by a group of dynamic volunteers, (from teenagers to grandparents), who show up because they LOVE hanging out with kids!

There are several payment options ranging from $5-$7; this strictly covers the facility costs\supplies.

It is intentionally not as structured as most; after our opening check in (where kids have a chance to share a high or low of the week and enjoy a team building game), the kids are given the freedom to do whatever they feel like each week. One week they might want to play a ball hockey scrimmage, or a million games of pingpong. The next week they might want to play in a chess tournament and munch on some popcorn. Another week, they might want to learn how to make ice-cream, or join in a game of doctor dodgeball. Yet, another time, they might head into our cozy new art room; where every single week there will be a new project waiting for them. The options are endless with our beach volleyball court, ice skating rink, gym areas, board games, fireplace crafts, & concession treats.

One special highlight of the program is “CHALLENGE TIME”; a time when either teen leaders or special guests or role models from the community challenge the kids to compete against them in a wild, messy, or hilarious challenge. Even better than the opportunities for fun, is the fact that the kids can truly come as they are. We are very intentional about spaciousness. The kids are truly free to come and be just that, KIDS. Like the motto of the Ark, “a shelter in the storm”, Kid’s Cafe is a hangout to come and recharge week after week, and to be reminded that they are worthy of love and acceptance. Stay tuned for information about kindness adventures this year; opportunities for the kids to make a positive difference in Dawson Creek . (Last year, the kids participated in the Coldest Night of the Year walk, did a hot dog/hot chocolate fundraiser for the bear attack victims, and filled some shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse) We look forward to connecting with your kids soon at Kids Cafe!